Ram Gopal Varma’s Tweet on Draupadi Murmu Sparks Controversy, BJP Files Case

Ram Gopal Varma Comment on Draupadi Murmu

Ram Gopal Varma, who is called the most controversial filmmaker of Indian cinema, has landed in trouble again for his controversial tweet about Draupadi Murmu, the presidential nominee of Bharatiya Janata Party led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) of 2022 presidential election.

Varma is very active on social media and never misses to share his opinion about any topic whether it is about the film industry or about politics or anything else, he is vocal about everything and his regular tweets say it all.

However, most of the time he has to face strong criticism from people and this time also the scenario has been repeated and a FIR has lodged against him by several BJP leaders for tweeting about BJP’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu.

The Tweet that Sparks Controversy

As we know, the 16th Presidential elections are set to be held in July 2022 and there are two presidential nominees for one is NDA’s Draupadi Murmu and another person is Yashwant Sinha, unanimously chosen as the common candidate of UPA and other opposition parties.

Everyone on social media is sharing their opinions about the Presidential election and its nominees. Meanwhile, Ram Gopal Varma on June 22 also made a tweet that has sparked controversy. He tweeted “If DRAUPADI is the PRESIDENT who are the PANDAVAS? And more importantly, who are Kauravas?”

However, after several FIRs and facing strong criticism from people on social media he gave a clarification regarding his tweets and said that his intention was not to hurt someone and that Draupadi is his favourite character from Mahabharata. Have a look:

Fire Lodged Against RGV by BJP Leaders

G. Narayan Reddy, a senior BJP leader from Telangana has lodged the complaint at Abids Police Station and claimed that the filmmaker posted a derogatory remark about Mr. Murmu.

In his complaint Reddy stated that Varma’s comments on twitter were highly derogatory and humiliating for a senior lady politician and former governor of Jharkhand. He demanded to register the case under SC/ST act and requested to punish the director.

Another BJP MLA Goshamahal T Raja Singh also expressed his annoyance at RGV for posting such tweets. He even said that Varma tweeted in a drunken condition and he always tries to be in the news by making such controversial tweets. He demanded to register a criminal case against Varma.

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