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Top 10 Richest Women in India 2022: Net Worth, Wealth, Facts & Photos

India's Wealthiest Women 2022
Wealthiest Women in India/ top 3

Kotak Private Banking and Hurun India announced the third edition of  the reading wealthy women list 2021 based on net net worth as of Dec 31, 2021 on wednesday, July 27, 2022.

Women like Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Falguni Nayar, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw topped the list and became the wealthiest women in India.

Top 10 most wealthiest women in India


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1- Roshni Nadar Malhotra

Roshni Nadar Malhotra is the chairperson of HCL Technologies with a net worth of Rupees 84,330 crores. Roshni topped the list for the second time.

Roshni is the daughter of billionaire industrialist Shiv Nadar and she did her schooling from Vasant Valley School in Delhi and after that she did her graduation from  Northwestern University majoring in Communication with a focus on Radio,TV and Film. Roshni completed her Masters in Administration from Kellogg School of Management.

Before joining HCL, Roshni has worked for several companies in America including CNN. Roshni is also involved in humanitarian work and she is a trustee of Shiv Nadar Foundation.

2- Falguni Nayar

Falguni Nayar is the Chief Executive Officer of Beauty and Lifestyle brand Nykaa With a net worth of Rupees 57,520 crores. Falguni is one of India’s richest Self-made woman. Nykaa became the first Indian unicorn start-up led by a Woman to launch an IPO in 2020.

Falguni Nayar was born in a Gujratai Family in Mumbai and she did her Graduation  from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics and a after that she did her masters from Indian Institute of management, Ahmedabad.

In 1993 Nayar, joined Kotak Mahindra Group and she worked there for 19 years And in the year 2012 she left Kotak Mahindra Group and formed Nykaa at the age 50 with with $2 million dollars and as of 10 November 2021 Nykaa listed with $13 Billion of Valuation.

3- Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the  executive chairperson and founder of Biocon Limited and       Biocon Biologics Limited, a biotechnology company based in Bangalore with a net worth of Rupees 29,030 crores.

She earned her undergraduate degree in zoology from Bangalore University in 1973 and a graduate degree in brewing from the University of Ballarat, Melbourne, in 1975. She did consulting work for a few years before she met Leslie Auchincloss, then owner of an Irish firm, Biocon Biochemicals. Impressed by Mazumdar, Auchincloss took her on as a partner in a new venture, Biocon India in 1978 and it produced enzymes for alcoholic beverages, paper, and other products.

Mazumdar was honored as the businesswoman of the year by the Economic Times in 2004. And in the year 2005  Mazumdar-Shaw also received the Padma Bhushan award, one of India’s highest civilian honors, for her excellent work in industrial biotechnology.

4- Nilima Motaparti

Nilima Motapatri is the Director on Board – Commercial at Divi’s Laboratories Ltd with a net worth of Rupees 28,180 crores and she has been a part of Divi’s from a long time. She administers all aspects of Material Sourcing and Procurement, Corporate Finance and Investor Relations.

Nilima has a Master’s Degree in International Business from Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade, India and Masters in International Finance from Glasgow University, U.K.

5- Radha Vembu

Radha Vembu is the owner and majority stakeholder of  Zoho Corporation, an Indian software development company with a net worth of Rupees 26,260 crores.

Vembu has a degree in industrial management from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Zoho Corporation was founded by her and her brother Sridhar Vembu, who started the business in 1996 as AdventNet. She owns a majority stake in the company and is a product manager for email service Zoho Mail, and also the director of Corpus Foundation.

6- Leena Gandhi Tewari

Leena Gandhi Tewari is the chairperson of USV Private Limited, a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Mumbai. USV was founded by her grandfather Vithal Balkrishna Gandhi in 1961 and Leena has a net worth of 24,280.

Leena did her B.Com from the University of Mumbai and Master of Business Administration from Boston University.She is married to Prashant, who is the Managing Director of the company.

She is also involved in humanitarian works and supports Dr Sushila Gandhi Centre for Underprivileged Women. In 2013, Tewari wrote the biographical book on her grandfather Vithal Gandhi titled, Beyond Pipes and Dreams.

7- Anu Aga and Meher Pudumjee

Anu Aga is a businesswoman and a social worker and She graduated with a B.A. in Economics from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai] and with a post graduation in medical and psychiatric social work from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

Meher Pudumjee is the chairperson of Thermax, she is a postgraduate in chemical engineering from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, and joined Thermax in 1990. Until 2004, she served as Vice-Chairperson of Thermax and took over as its Chair in 2004.

And both the mother-daughter duo together have  a net worth of Rupees 14,530 crores.

8- Neha Narkhede

Neha Narkhede is an Indian-American entrepreneur and she is the co-founder and board director of Confluent and co-creator of the popular open source messaging system Apache Kafka with a net worth of Rupees 13,380 crores.

Neha did her Bachelor of Science in engineering from University of Pune. In 2007, she received a masters degree  in technology from Georgia Tech University. Narkhede started her first job at Oracle as a principal software engineer. After Oracle, she worked as the lead of streams infrastructure at LinkedIn.

Confluent as a company has filed for an IPO 2021 and was valued at $4.5 billion. Companies such as Netflix,Uber, and Goldman Sachs use the platform for data driven purposes.

9- Vandana Lal

Vandana Lal is the whole time Director at Dr. Lal Path labs pvt. Ltd. with  a net worth of 6,810 crores. She is the wife of Arvind Lal an Indian billionaire, pathologist, medical administrator and the chairman and managing director of Dr Lal PathLab.

Vandana did her Graduation from University of Delhi and further she also obtained her Doctorate degree also from University of Delhi.

10- Renu Munjal

Renu Munjal is the Managing Director of Hero FinCorp. She also serves as a director on the Board of Easy Bill and she is the former Executive Director of Hero MotoCorp with a net worth of Rupees 6,620 crores.

Renu is  placed fifth among the top women philanthropists in India. She is also the chairperson of the Raman Kant Munjal Foundation, which is dedicated to enriching the lives of the underprivileged.

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