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Sagar Singh Murder: Reason behind Nihang Sikhs and Zomato Boy quarrel, Smoking or enmity?

Sagar Singh Murder

A 29 year old delivery agent of food delivery chain Zomato was killed by Nihang Sikhs for smoking issues. The boy has been identified as Sagar Singh.

Sagar lost his parents at a very young age. He is survived by a wife and a 10 year old son.

What happened at the crime scene?

According to the police’s report, the incident took place in Delhi on June 15 around 12:05 am, when the boy went to pick an order from a roll joint and was smoking on the other side of the road. He was stopped by two Nihang Sikhs and they got into a quarrel.

The argument heated and one of the sikhs stabbed Sagar. The boy was dead and no one came forward to help him.

Another Zomato Valet tried to help

Later, after several minutes Asif, another delivery valet of zomato recognised Sagar and stepped forward to help him. He told the police that when he reached the crime scene, the victim was all in a blood pool and the locals were trying to call the police but for some reason they could not reach the police.

Then he got in touch with Sagar’s customer who had ordered rolls and narrated him the story and requested him to call the police. Then he took him to the nearest hospital where Sagar was declared dead.

Police’s satement

“Soon after the murder the complaint was filed and we rushed to investigate the case. We generated a team and within 24 hours alleged was under police’s custody. He was identified as Harshdeep Singh who is a resident of Chander Vihar and is 22 years old. He used a kirpan to kill the victim. It has also been recovered. The victim was stabbed on the left side of his chest. The other accused will also be found soon.” Said the police

How did zomato spokesperson react to the incident?

The zomato spokesperson said that the company is with the family and trying to provide every support that is possible. The incident is very unfortunate and continuous touch with the family will be maintained.

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