Satyendar Jain ED case: Why ED arrest him? to be kept in judicial custody till 18 June

Satyendar Jain ED Case

A Delhi court has ordered Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) minister Satyendar Jain to be kept in judicial custody for 14 days in connection with a currency laundering case.

On Tuesday, Special Judge Gitanjali Goel heard Jain’s bail plea. The Enforcement Directorate (ED), in its response to the bail application, asked for a day’s time to argue the issue.

Jain claims he has sleep disorder

When Jain was produced to court on the final day of the hearing, he said he was suffocating. He was diagnosed with sleep disorder and needed a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device to help in breathing, but despite his plea, ED staff took him to the office instead of the hospital. According to the court, the ED medically examined him and would have transferred him to the hospital if felt necessary.

Additional solicitor Raju says Jain is medically fit

On Monday, ED’s additional lawyer, SV Raju, claimed that Jain’s lawyer was trying to “fuss” about Jain’s physical condition, even though his medical documents showed that he was medically fit. According to Raju, this was done by a lawyer to get bail on medical grounds. “The doctor has determined that he is physically healthy. He is not intentionally taking any medications,” he said.

According to Senior Counsel, N Hari Haran, who spoke on behalf of Jain, the ED should not infer motives to them. He further informed the court that Kapil Sibal, a chief lawyer who  previously represented Jain, was infected with Covid-19 and was unable to attend the hearing.

Case origin

The proceedings originated in 2017. An FIR filed by the Central Investigation Bureau  (CBI) accused Jain of money laundering through four entities purportedly related to him.

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