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Smriti Irani’s Children, son-in-law, Facts, Photos, & Controversy

Smriti Irani Children

The Silly Souls Cafe and Bar is a posh restaurant owned by the family of Union Minister Smriti Irani in Goa which has been in a controversy after it was found that the owners of the restaurant renewed the liquor licence using the name of a deceased person.

Background of the controversy

On 22 June this year, the restaurant Silly Souls Cafe and Bar applied for the licence renewal in the name of Anthony Dgama. However Anthony Dgama has already passed away in May 2021. And Dgama’s death certificate has been recovered from Mumbai municipal corporation.

Lawyer Rodrigues on this case

Lawyer Rodrigues, who got to know about this illegal act, found the fraudulent documents used by the restaurant for licence renewal, through an RTI application.

He wants a thorough inquiry to be conducted into the ”mega fraud orchestrated by the Union minister’s family along with excise officials and local Assagao panchayat.”

Lawyer Rodrigues also revealed that the Silly Souls Cafe and Bar still doesn’t have an restaurant licence to operate in the state of Goa, he also added that the excise department bent the rules to grant  licence for foreign liquor and Indian-made foreign liquor to the owners.

According to the rules of the excise department only an existing restaurant can get a liquor or bar licence, in the state.

Smriti Irani’s statement over allegations:

Daughter of Smriti Irani?

Smriti Irani is married to Zubin Irani who is a Businessman and they have two children Zoish Irani and Zohr Irani. And Zoish Irani is the one who is accuse to run the Silly Souls Cafe and Bar in Goa. Zoish is 18 Years old.

And in a YouTube segment with food critic Kunal Vijaykar, Zoish Irani said though Goa was a huge tourist hub, It lagged in high-end dining of international calibre and she hoped that her venture Silly Souls would become the “food destination” of Goa.


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Smriti Irani’s stepdaughter

Smriti Irani is equally close to stepdaughter Shanelle Irani, who is engaged to Arjun Bhalla, Smriti shared their engagement photos on Insta. Shanelle is daughter of Zubin Irani and his First wife Mona.


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