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Who is Sudhir Sangwan? Sonali Phogat murder accused viral videos are shocking

Sudhir Sangwan Sonali Phtogat Murder Accused

Actor and politician Sonali Phogat’s untimely death came as a shock to everyone. Earlier, it was being said that the actress might have died of heart attack, but now as the day are passing, new mysteries are also coming out alleging that it was a murder and not a natural death.

The family and close ones of the 41 -year old actress who took her last breath on August 22, 2022 night, have alleged foul play in this case. Rinku Dhaka, who is the brother of Sonali, filed a formal complaint in Goa, claiming that she didn’t die of heart attack but her associate Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder Wasi raped and murdered her.

Who is Sudhir Sangwan?

Sonali met her PA Sudhir Sangwan in 2019 during her political stint. He hails from Rohtak and another accused Sukhwinder Wasi, who was also the associate of Sonali, hails from Bhiwani, Haryana.

In a complaint Rinku Dhaka alleges some serious allegation against Sangwan accusing him of murdering and raping Sonali. He alleged that Sangwan along with his friend Sukhwinder were blackmailing Sonali over an objectionable video made after lacing her food with some substance and then raping her.

He also said that Sangwan had completely kept Sonali under his control, due to which Sonali could not even talk to her family. He alleged that Sangwan started keeping a complete account of Sonali’s money and property which Sonali used to sign without reading papers many times.

Viral CCTV Footage Before Sonali’s Death

The viral CCTV footage of Sonali which was the main proof of Sangwan and Wasi’s involvement in the case, shocked everyone. It was from the same hotel where Sonali was staying in Goa. In the video we can clearly see Sonali being escorted out of the hotel by her PA. This is the video of Sonali allegedly having a heart attack. However, the case of her death has now taken a different turn.

This video is being circulated on social media:

Police Arrested the Two more Accused

Following the complaint filed by Phogat’s family, Police on Friday, August 26, 2022, arrested Sangwan and Wasi in connecting with her murder. As per Goa IGP Police, both the suspects have confessed that Phogat didn’t die of a heart-attack but was deliberately given drugs. The overdose of drugs is being reported as the reason for her death.

Another video has gone viral where two accused dancing with her:

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