International Men’s Day 2022: History, Significance, Theme, All you need to Know

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World Men's Day

The day addresses the various health issues and discriminations that men undergo and encourages people from every country to come together and work as a united world.

There are millions of men who refrain from sharing out their mental state and suffer so this day makes sure people are made aware of this ongoing issue.

International Men’s Day is celebrated globally on November 19th to highlight the positive contributions of men across the globe, in society, marriage, family, childcare, and professional environment.

On the occasion of International Men’s Day, we bring to you the history and significance of this spectacular day!

International Men’s Day History

International Men’s Day 2021
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In 1968, an American columnist named John P. Harris composed an article featuring an absence of equilibrium in the Soviet framework, which celebrated International Women’s Day for female workers yet neglected to do the same for their male counterparts.

In the mid-1990s, Thomas Oaster, the head of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies, welcomed associations in the U.S., Australia, and Malta to hold little International Men’s Day occasions during the month of February. Thomas effectively facilitated these occasions for a long time, yet his 1995 endeavor was ineffectively joined in but Malta continued to participate actively.

In 1999, the day was resuscitated by Jerome Teelucksingh from the University of the West Indies. He understood that despite the fact that there was a day for fathers, there was no day to praise men who didn’t have children, or who were youngsters and teens.

Teelucksingh comprehended the significance of positive male good examples, as his dad had been an incredible model for him, and decided to observe International Men’s Day on November 19 — the day of his dad’s birthday just as the day a neighborhood soccer group had joined his country with their undertakings to meet all requirements for the world cup.

International Men’s Day Significance

Men'S Day Significance
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Some people ask why is it important to celebrate International Men’s Day? The answer to this simple question is that we live in a world where every individual has the right to have their issues addressed.

International Men’s Day is a reminder of the various health problems that men face every day and focuses especially on the increasing suicide rate among men. The day encourages men to open up and talk about their mental health with others where it is very rare that men come out to talk about it.

International Men’s Day is marked to remind those men to not hesitate and act before it is too late. A man should never be checked for his masculinity and it is very evident during these times. Young boys need to be guided by adults not to shy away from what they feel and what they want in life. International Men’s Day is a step towards making all of this a reality.

International Men’s Day is celebrated to:

  • Highlight men’s health issues and well-being, including their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.
  • To address the issue of discrimination towards men.
  • To encourage gender equality.
  • To create a better and safer future.

International Men’s Day 2022 Theme

World Men's Day
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One of the greatest aims of International Men’s Day is to promote gender equality and improve gender relations. This is not only for men but for women too.

In this regard, the theme for 2022 is ‘Helping Mens and Boys’, last year  International Men’s Day 2021 theme was “Better relations between men and women”. Only when men and women walk together inequality, will we have a better and safe world to live in.

How is International Men’s Day Celebrated?

International Men’s Day is celebrated differently in many countries. For instance, in the UK, International Men’s Day addresses the issue of male suicide and conducts long discussions among the audiences. It is believed that men are 3 times more prone to commit suicide as they are emotionally weaker than women.

International Men’s Day was first celebrated in the year 2007 by Indian Men’s Advocate Uma Chulla. The day highlighted the abuse that men faced in the country. Other discussions included their issues in overall physical health.

Many exhibitions are also conducted where people share posters related to men’s health and much more. This day is much important to remove gender stereotypes from society.

Do you Know?

  • Baby boys are 25% more likely to die in infancy than girl babies around the world.
  • Men have a life expectancy of 64.52 whereas women have a life expectancy of 68.76%.
  • Men’s brains are 10% bigger than women’s.
  • An average male possesses 50% less body fat and 50% more muscle mass than women.
  • Boys are 3 to 4 times more likely to suffer from autism.
  • Men are more likely to lie, 6 times a day which is twice as often as women.
  • Men are more likely to commit suicide and succeed than women.
  • Globally, there are 107 baby boys taking birth for every 100 baby girls.

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