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International Olympic Day 2022 Date, Theme, History, Significance & More

International Olympic Day
World Olympic Day/

An International Olympic day would designate a day to honour everything the Olympic Movement stands for, according to Doctor Gruss, a Czech IOC member, who proposed the proposal at the 41st Session of the IOC in Stockholm, Sweden.

At the 42nd IOC Session in St. Moritz, Switzerland, in January 1948, the concept received approval a short time later. The National Olympic Committees were tasked for organising this occasion, and the date honours a significant occasion in the development of the Olympic Movement.

At the Sorbonne in Paris, where Pierre de Coubertin campaigned for the revival of the Ancient Olympic Games on June 23, 1894, participants from all around the world will remember the day the International Olympic Committee was established.

It stands for using sport to make the world a better place.

The first Olympic Day ceremonies took place in 1947.

World Olympic Day Date?

Sport, fitness, and community are all celebrated on Olympic Day. Every year June 23 is observed as Olympics day. It encourages people all across the world to move with purpose and be active.

International Olympic Day 2022 Theme

Together, For a Peaceful World is the Olympic Day theme for 2022, which is  complemented by the hashtags #MoveForPeace and #OlympicDay on social media.

This Olympic Day honours how athletics can unite people and promote peace.

The Olympic Movement, which takes place throughout each Olympic Games, is a symbol of the long history of peace and sport in the Olympic Movement.

The IOC Refugee Athlete Scholarship and IOC Refugee Olympic Team are two more recent ways in which the International Olympic Committee helps athletes who are refugees.

History of Olympics Day

On June 23, 1948, the first Olympic Day was observed.

Greece, Portugal, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela,  Great Britain, and Belgium organised an Olympic Day in their respective nations, and at the event, Sigfrid Edström, the IOC President at the time, spoke to young people all across the world.

The IOC first suggested that all NOCs hold an Olympic Day to support the Olympic Movement in the 1978 version of the Olympic Charter.

International Olympic Day Significance

The World Olympic Day aims to encourage involvement in games and sports worldwide among all people, regardless of their age, gender, caste, or religion. It motivates individuals to engage in physical activity. Several sporting events take place on this day.

Additionally, there are displays and educational lectures regarding the Olympic Games. The three pillars of move, learn, and discover are the foundation of Olympic Day, according to the IOC.

The National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have been organising Olympic Day Run   on International Olympic Day in 150 countries for more than 20 years. Some nations also have sporting competitions in schools to commemorate this day.

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