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Valentine’s Week 2022: Days List with importance and celebration ideas

Valentine Week Days List

As the New Year has arrived, the festival or season of love is also all set to come. We are talking about Valentine’s Week.

The arrival of the New Year comes with a lot of positivity and excitement for many festivals including Valentine’s week. People cherish the love and bond with their partner and make it even more special during Valentine’s week.

Valentine’s Week starts on Feb 7th and is celebrated till Feb 14. Couples around the corner eagerly wait for this love feast.

Happy Valentine’s Week & List of All Days

Festivities during the whole week are so meaningful and have strong messages, if you believe in love, affection, and humanity, you can’t miss the celebration of each and every day.

World heart Day 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

Valentine’s Week 2022 Calendar

Let’s have a look at the list of the days celebrated during the whole Valentine’s Week:

Rose Day (February 7- Monday)

Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day

The first day of Valentine’s week is celebrated on February 7th, every year. It marks Rose Day. People around the world celebrate this day by exchanging beautiful roses.

Gifting a bouquet of flowers to your partner is a very beautiful way to celebrate and cherish the bond you have with him/her.

Rose is the symbol of love. So this Rose Day, give your partner a bouquet of flowers and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Propose Day (February 8- Tuesday)

Happy Propose Day

Happy Propose Day

The second day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 8th February and it marks Propose day. This year it occurs on Tuesday.

This day marks the beginning of many relationships. A lot of people worldwide take it as an opportunity to approach their crush or secret love while confessing the love and feeling they have for him/her.

So this proposed day, stop stalking your Crush and just confess the feelings you have for him/her !!

Chocolate Day (February 9- Wednesday)

National Chocolate Day

Happy Chocolate Day 2022

Chocolates play the main role in making your life sweeter. Who doesn’t love chocolates?? .. The answer is that almost everyone you know is fond of chocolates.

If we talk about the craze for chocolates, girls are especially mad at chocolates and are fond of them.

So this Chocolate day, shower a bunch of chocolates upon your partner, and just make your relationship sweeter than before.

Teddy Day (February 10- Thursday)

Happy Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Day

The fourth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on February 10 and it marks Teddy Day. People give Teddy Bears to their partners.

Gifting Teddy Bears to your partners is a very cute way to celebrate your love. Teddy Bears look so cute. Girls love Teddy bears so much.

So Bring a smile to the face of your partner by gifting him/her, a beautiful and cute Teddy.

Promise Day (February 11- Friday)

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Promise Day

The fifth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 11th February and it marks Promise day. It is the most significant day of the Week.

Promises are the core pillar of any relationship and fulfilling them is even more important.

This Promise Day, you have a chance to give the assurance of your love and respect to your partner. So promise them a lifetime, full of love and all the things you wish for.

Hug Day (February 12- Saturday)

Happy Hug Day

Happy Hug Day

The sixth day of Valentine’s week marks Hug day and it is celebrated on 12th February. One hug from your partner and loved one is enough to ease all your pain and sadness.

So start the new phase of your relationship by hugging your partner and making them feel special!!

It is not just for your lover or partner but for friends and family too…

Kiss Day (February 13- Sunday)

Happy Kiss Day

Happy Kiss Day

The kisses in the relationship are blissful and stand for warmth and togetherness. It is a good way to show your partner the love and trust you have for them.

It is a good sign of oneness and togetherness. So enjoy the day and ensure a lifetime of love and support to your partner.

Valentine’s Day (February 14-Monday)

Although Valentine’s Day is a Christian celebration and it originated as the Christian feast day yet irrespective of the religion, people around the world celebrate it with love and happiness.

According to Christianity, this day is celebrated in memory of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was a priest and a physician, who was martyred during the persecution of Christian during the time of Emperor Claudius II Gothicus.

Happy Valentine's Day 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

Valentine’s Day or the festival of love takes place in the month of February. That’s why it is also called the month of love. It is very popular, especially among young people.

This brings a lot of love and excitement for the people worldwide, as people plan to celebrate their love and bond with the special one in their lives.

So keep this festival of love truthful and make your relationship even more beautiful… Happy Valentine’s Day to all the people out there!!! make it fun and remembered one.

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