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World Heart Day 2021: History, Theme, Significance, Myths & Facts, all you need to know

World heart Day 2021

World Heart Day 2021 Date, History: The key to a healthy heart is a healthy lifestyle, myths, and facts, all you need to know.

Where there is a will, there is a way but where there is a healthy heart, only then will you be able to conquer that way. A healthy heart is what keeps us all going and we are all set to celebrate World Heart Day globally on September 29, so let us walk you through the significance of the day and the importance of this tiny beating organ that keeps you alive!

World Heart Day History

World Heart Day was announced in the year 1999 by the World Heart Federation, in collaboration with WHO. The idea was proposed by Antoni Bayes De Luna, President of WHF. It was first celebrated in the year 2000 on September 24 on the last Sunday but it was only after 2011 that it was observed on September 29 every year.

World Heart Federation is an NGO that works towards spreading awareness of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHF has been sponsoring World Heart Day and also maintaining a theme every year.

The WHF conducts awareness drives in more than 100 countries which includes various events like running, concerts, walks, health checks, exhibitions, and more.

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World Heart Day Significance

Human Heart/

Human Heart/

Like others, the heart is one important organ that keeps us alive. It not only purifies our blood and delivers oxygen but also removes waste products. The outbreak of the deadly pandemic has turned lives upside down.

It has resulted in higher rates of cardiovascular deaths. People of the younger generation are suffering from heart attacks and strokes, following the unhealthy lifestyle that was adopted during the lockdown phase.

Cardiovascular diseases include rheumatic heart disease, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and others. According to WHO, a total of 4 out 5 people die of a heart attack before the age of 70, accounting to one-third of the total patients.

World Heart Day is a ringing bell towards awareness of such diseases. It is a global step towards making people realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Facts and Myths

Heart Day, take care of your heart/ njbmagazine

Heart Day, take care of your heart/ njbmagazine

It is time to bust some myths that people carry around regarding their heart health and let them know of some straight facts:

Myth: heart diseases affect only people above the age of 50

Fact: the truth is, heart disease has no relation with the age of a person. It is directly proportional to the lifestyle of a person. Clogged arteries can form from childhood until the time they are completely blocked, leading to heart diseases. People between the ages of 20-40 have been seen to suffer these days, obesity, diabetes being one of the reasons.

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Myth: younger generation does not require exercise, they can live healthy on unhealthy food habits

Fact: being inactive and out of shape is never going to take the youth anywhere. Eating junk food and not indulging yourself in a healthy regime will harm you in the long run.

Myth: keeping your sugar under control with medicine guarantees you’re safe from heart diseases

Fact: if you’re a diabetic once and even if you keep it under check by taking all sorts of medicines, you’re undoubtedly at higher risk of getting heart disease someday.

Myth: I need to be middle-aged to get my body checked up for cholesterol, blood sugar

Fact: the fact is, you should get yourself checked every 5 years after the age of 20. And if your family has a history of any heart diseases, you should surely start with it sooner.

Myth: I will surely suffer from a cardiac disease since it runs in my family

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Fact: no doubt people with a family history are at higher risk but if they lead a healthy lifestyle, like avoid eating junk food, refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette, keeping their blood pressure and sugar levels under control, they can lead to a healthy, risk-free life.

World Heart Day Theme 2021

World Heart Day Theme/

World Heart Day Theme/

This year’s (World heart Day 2021) theme is ‘Creating Healthy Environments’. Following is a list of themes of World Heart Day in the past decade:

World Heart Day Theme in last 10 years:

2011: ‘one world, one heart, and one home’

2012: ‘one world, one heart, and one home’

2013: ‘ take the road to a healthy heart’

2014: ‘ HEART choices not HARD choices’

2015: ‘creating heart-healthy environments’

2016: ‘ light your heart, empower your life’

2017: ‘ share the power’

2018: ‘ my heart, your heart’

2019: ‘ for my heart, for your heart, for all our hearts’

2020: ‘ use the heart to beat cardiovascular diseases’

WHF aiming for a healthier future

Furthermore, WHF aims to reduce premature deaths by cardiovascular diseases by 25% by 2025. According to reports, in the early 2000s, nearly 17 million people lost their lives due to cardiovascular diseases annually.

It is high time that we become aware of the deadly disease and turn ourselves to a healthier future.

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