World Kindness Day 2022: Date, History, Significance, Theme & How To Celebrate

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Love, compassion, generosity, and most importantly kindness are what the world needs today. And World Kindness Day is a reminder of the same. It is specially celebrated in Canada, the US, Australia, U.A.E, and Japan.

This day is celebrated globally every year on November 13th and promotes kindness throughout the world and encourages people to indulge in at least one act of kindness which is the sole cause of unifying the world as one.

On the occasion of World Kindness Day, let us walk you through a brief history and details of this spectacular day.

World Kindness Day History

World Kindness Day
World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day was first celebrated only as a day of observation by the World Kindness Movement. The organization gained its official license as an NGO under Swiss law in the year 2019. Still, the history of World Kindness Day holds its roots back in the year 1997 at a Tokyo-based convention.

Various countries like Australia, the US, the UK, Thailand had taken part in the conference because of their support for kindness in society. And the formation of World Kindness Day was a result of only this conference where they had pledged together for a “kinder and more compassionate world”. In 1998, World Kindness Day was finally inaugurated.

World Kindness Day Significance

The aim of World Kindness Day is to acknowledge the good deeds in society and highlight the positivity that it brings in that binds us all together in unity. Though the day has not gained official recognition by the UN, it is still very much observed globally.

There’s no harm in being kind to the world. This will not only help others but also help you. It is believed that people who are kind and generous tend to have much more stable mental health. They are stress-free and are much healthier emotionally as well as physically.

Just one act of kindness is enough to bring about a change in your life and if you haven’t started yet, there is no other day better than World Kindness Day!

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World Kindness Day 2022 Theme

The theme of World Kindness Day 2022 is “Be Kind Whenever Possible”, last year was “The World We Make- Inspire Kindness”. It is true that with kindness only will we make a world that will make a better future.

If you don’t find someone who is kind, then be that someone yourself and inspire yourself to climb that step of making a better world full of kindness.

How is World Kindness Day Celebrated?

The sole purpose of celebrating World Kindness Day is to promote kindness. We just have to be kind and rise above hatred. Be it helping your mother in her daily chores, or complimenting someone to brighten up their mood, the idea is to spread kindness.

There are various concerts and events that are conducted on World Kindness Day such as dance concerts, singing concerts, and distribution of kindness cards. Let me list out a few things that you can do on World Kindness Day to do your bit in promoting kindness:

  • Talk to someone in need and be a good listener. (Don’t Judge!)
  • Donate something, money, clothes, old toys, or anything to a charity house.
  • Be affectionate to your loved ones.
  • Help someone in their work.
  • Let someone (like a pregnant woman, elderly person, or a kid) move ahead of you in a line.
  • Smile more often and never hesitate to pass a smile to others.
  • Invite people over for dinner at your place.
  • Make kindness cards and distribute them in your society.
  • Visit an animal shelter and donate some money for their well-being.
  •  Most importantly, continue to be kind!

World Kindness Day Across The Globe

Place Occasion Date
Israel Good Deeds Day March 16th
United Kingdom Mitzvah Day International November 17th
New Zealand Random Acts of Kindness Day September 1st
International International Volunteer Day December 5th

How Is Kindness Helpful To You?

Do you know kindness keeps your blood pressure in check? It improves your mental and emotional state. Kindness is also believed to improve your physical health, where it wards off all the negative energies like anger and hatred. Kindness has also helped many to boost their patience, integrity, and self-acceptance.

Most importantly, by all this, kindness makes you feel good about yourself! So go ahead, and be kind to yourself and others today! It doesn’t need much from you but your positive thinking towards everything and everyone around you!

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