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World Pharmacists Day 2022, Theme, History, Significance & More

World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day is celebrated every year on 25th September. This day is celebrated to pay tribute to all those pharmacists who are providing services with kindness and empathy.

Pharmacists, also known as chemists or druggists, are health professionals who control, formulate, preserve and dispense medications. The Pharmacists provide advice and counselling on how medicines should be used to achieve maximum benefit, minimal side effects and to avoid drug interactions.

World Pharmacists Day is observed to pay tribute to all the Pharmacists who work selflessly. This day is celebrated to remember all the hardworking Pharmacists who provide service with kindness and honesty.

World Pharmacists Day 2022 Theme

The theme of World Pharmacists Day 2022 which is shared by The International Pharmaceutical Federation Council is “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world”. The aim of this theme is to showcase pharmacy’s positive impact on health.

World Pharmacists Day History

The World Pharmacists Day was introduced by the International Pharmaceutical Federation Council in Turkey’s Istanbul city in the year 2009. The International Pharmaceutical Federation Council selected the date, 25 September, to celebrate World Pharmacists Day.

September 25, was selected because, The International Pharmaceutical Federation was originally established on 25 September in the year 1912.

Keeping the foundation day of The International Pharmaceutical Federation in mind, the Turkish members of the council proposed that 25 September as World Pharmacists Day.

Significance of World Pharmacists Day

The World Pharmacists Day is celebrated to commemorate the efforts of Pharmacists all across the world. Pharmacists act as partners to patients, health care professionals, other scientists and policymakers, for the shared vision of better health.

Most people around the world prefer visiting Pharmacists before visiting a Doctor. The simple reason behind this could be that pharmacists all across the world provide good quality, effective and affordable medicines. For illnesses like cough, cold, flu, fever, upset stomach or sore throat, people often prefer going to a pharmacist first.

We should simply say Thankyou to all these hardworking people, who often get neglected.

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