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Yoga Day 2022: Indian TV Actresses Who are Yogic, Not everyone can try these Asanas

Yoga Day 2022: Indian TV Actress who do tough Asanas

Yoga can help in reducing stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.  These are some things that are on the rise among the general public. Yoga was something which was done by the old generation and people of any age regularly but in today’s world, the number of people who do yoga with interest is less.

Yoga is an all-in-one remedy to cure any problem may it be a physical problem, mental, emotional, stress, etc. yoga makes the body toned and fit and benefits in a different manner and most importantly helps in relaxation and stress relief.

One of the best things about doing yoga is that it calms the body and teaches individual patience. After doing yoga one feels very energetic and fresh. This is something that is said by a lot of celebrities, they prove it with regular Yoga and meditation.

Yoga makes the nervous system work properly and make balance in the body. Many actresses do yoga regularly and are very fit and healthy. Some of the poses done by the tv celebs are the following

Aashka Goradia

Yoga is one of the most important things that I do regularly with my husband said Aashka Goradia. Aashka Goradia is known as she was a part of the famous show naagin. She does different yoga poses and asanas and posts that on social media.

It is seen that the actress doesn’t go to the gym all she does is yoga at home for more than an hour to stay fit and beautiful. She has always mentioned that yoga keeps her mentally and physically fit.


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Hina Khan

One of the most loved actresses is Hina Khan and after doing the show khatron ke khiladi Hina has been more serious about being physically and mentally fit. Hina regularly posts her pictures and video on Instagram of doing workouts and yoga.

The tv actress Hina Khan has said that her doctor has advised her to do yoga regularly and lately she is liking doing yoga as it is toning her body and making her feel more flexible.


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Deepika Singh

The ‘dia aur bati’ shows the lead actress who wore a saree in the show always showing her new avatar on social media. She is very much focused and serious about her health and has made a separate room in her house to do exercise and yoga.

She has mentioned that yoga is one thing that makes her feel good and saves her from the hectic shoots. She practices yoga every day as she posts her fitness reels and photos on Instagram. Yoga is a practice that has made the actress more disciplined and balanced.

Saumya Tandon

Body shaping is secondary for me to keep my mental and physical health calm and relaxed is the primary thing. The famous tv actress who is famous for her role of anguri bhabhi in the famous show  Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai is doing yoga for the past 7-8 years and is very fit and beautiful.

The actress to very difficult yoga asana and posts on her social media account. Her love for yoga is very much but her love for aerial yoga is immense.


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Kavita Kaushik

I never go to the gym as I believe that yoga is something that works amazing for me and I love doing that. I try that I don’t miss yoga a single day no matter how much busy I am. I do the 108 Surya namaskars each day.

I love to do yoga in the morning as it makes a good start to the day and makes you feel fresh and good. I try to learn new yoga pose every day and I am learning and getting better every day.


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Rubina Dilaik

Actress Rubina has been part of many tv serials and tv reality shows and in many of her interviews, she has mentioned that she feels that yoga is a bit boring thing to do but initially she has started like it as it is making her body healthy and mind calm.

Long year back she started doing yoga but then she was not doing it regularly nut at the time of covid she started doing it regularly and now yoga has become an important part of her routine that she rarely missed.


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