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Bengali actor Swastika Dutta pulled out of Uber cab, abused; driver arrested

Bengali actor Swastika Dutta pulled out of Uber cab, abused; driver arrested

The leading actress of Bengali television show, Swastika Dutta alleged that an Uber driver in Kolkata harassed her by pulling her out of the Uber car and abusing her.

The middle-class women have always been reciting stories of their horror encounter with men while they try to commute for their livelihood, now the celebrities too seem to be easy prey to harassment.

If you don’t believe us, then this recent incident will open your eyes and will take you in a state of shock. Swastika Dutta who is the leading Bengali television actress alleged that she was thrown out of the cab by which she was travelling in Kolkata on Wednesday.

She took the whole incident to Facebook, where she narrated her horror story saying that she had booked an Uber cab from her home to her studio at 8:15 am on Wednesday.

But the Uber driver Jamshed cancelled the ride in midway after picking her from her location and asked her to get down from the car.

She further said that when she refused over this, the driver suddenly turned the car to the opposite direction and took her to his locality where he abused her badly. He then got down from the car and pulled her out forcibly.

Facing this unruly behaviour and mental torture, she got really scared and asked for help, but he threatened her that he would call the other boys if she shouts or says anything against him.

This had never happened to me before,This actually happened to Me,I was humiliated,I was literally thrown out of the…

Posted by Swastika Dutta on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

She further added that after all of this humiliation, she rushed immediately from the spot and later she spoke to her dad about this entire incident. The actor is completely shattered and is ready to take legal action against the cab driver.

The incident happened near to Dev Das restaurant on Wednesday morning. The actor is still in shock and is finding it difficult to come out of this mental torture that she has faced. Meanwhile, the accused driver has been arrested.

Kolkata Police tweets that they are taking necessary action against the accused.

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