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Blind Belief: 3 dead bodies with slit throats found in Andhra temple

Blind Belief: 3 dead bodies with slit throats found in Andhra temple

In a horrifying incident, three people were found dead with blood splattered all over the Shivalinga of the temple in Andhra Pradesh. This is suspected to be the incident of human sacrifice pointing fingers over the brutality that is happening in our country in the name of worship and belief.

India is considered to be a land of belief and devotion. But many times, people even sacrifice their life in order to attain salvation afterlife, which shows that we need to stop falling prey to the misery of blind beliefs.

In a recent incident in Andhra Pradesh, three people were found brutally murdered within the premises of a temple in Anantapur district.

The police are suspecting this to be an incident of black magic and human sacrifice. The three people –Shivarami Reddy (70) the priest of the temple, his sister  Kadapala Kamalamma (75) and a woman named Sathyalakshmi (70) who has been identified to be of the same village were found dead with their throat slit in the temple that was under construction.

The villagers and devotees informed the local Police once they found the dead bodies in the temple that was demolished sometimes back.

Two out of the three victims were found lying in the cot that was placed on the ground in a pool of blood. This painful scene was first encountered by a devotee who came in the morning to the temple. Later he called the villagers who then called the Police for help.

The Rural circle inspector Madhu said that the Police is investigating whether the entire crime scene was arranged like this to throw off the feeling of suicide or is it a brutal murder. A case of murder has been registered and the investigation is going on.

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