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The brutality of a father kills 8-month old in Uttar Pradesh

Father kills 8-month old in Uttar Pradesh

A father has been known to be the most loving figure in a child’s life. But there has been a shocking incident in UP where a father killed his son by throwing him repeatedly on the floor in the rage of his wife not offering him water.

Anger can lead to the greatest mishappenings and can destroy even the greatest bonds of this universe. One such incident happened in Lucknow district this Tuesday where a father horrifically thrashed his son on the floor repeated in the fit of rage for not offering him water.

This ultimately led to the death of the 8-month-old infant. The police arrested the man on the same night for crossing all the limits of humanity.

The police are further investigating this matter. The name of the accused man is Surendra Sahu. His wife informed the police about the whole incident and also told them that he is very short-tempered.

She recited the whole incident saying that when he came home at around 10 in the night, she opened the door and went inside to do some household work.

He then started abusing her for not asking him for water and grabbed his son lying on the cot and thrashed him on to the side of the room.

The head of the infant first hit the sidewall, and then he fell on the floor. Sahu again picked him up when he started crying and thrashed him again on the floor, which ultimately led to his death.

The angry father then flew away from the incident spot, and the child was taken to the hospital, where he was declared dead by the doctor.

The body of the infant was taken for post mortem where it was revealed that he was having badly injured face, fractured skull and dislocated legs and arms. The man has been arrested but seems to have no remorse over the entire incident.

Such horror stories definitely raise a question on how safe we are inside or homes with our own family members. If such criminals reside inside the home, then home is not less than a slaughterhouse.

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