CAA Controversy: Smriti Irani made fun of Farhan Akhtar point of view

Union Minister Smriti Irani amused at Farhan Akhtar’ viral meme video from CAA protests at August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai. Farhan looks clueless about the ‘true’ cause of the protest.

Farhan Akhtar joined CAA protests in Mumbai at August Kranti Maidan on Thursday. Naturally, the paparazzi got hold of the ‘Rock On’ star who had been protesting loud and clear with many others.

Upon being asked about the details of the real cause of the CAA protests, he seemed to fumble more than answering the questions. The purported video sows, Farhan citing the reason for protests as something being wrong with the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019.

Farhan precisely replied to the reporters saying, “If you go into the details, it looks like there can be something in there… If everything was okay, why would so many people be concerned?” he said of the protests. The answer came when the reporter asked the actor about the government’s repeated assurances to each section of the society, with regard to the new law.”

Now-viral video has become a Twitter meme reminding the Netizens of a famous scene from 2008 comedy film ‘Bunty Aur Babli’. The scene shows a group of protestants revolting against the officials, but they are clueless about the reason for the demonstration. The comic video has made the netizens laugh out loud as they add their versions of comedy to the living internet meme.

Farhan had recently found himself in a Twitter boil when he shared a tweet regarding the CAA protests. The tweet included a map of India which clearly had Kashmir marked out in gray sighting it as a part of Pakistan and not India. His inference of the tweet didn’t go down well with the Twitterati who lashed out on him for misleading and spread false information without truly recognizing the gravity f the situation.

Farhan later apologized in tweet stating that his carelessness took the best out of him.



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