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Haryana: Stray dogs become the saviour of a newborn girl thrown into drain

Haryana: Stray dogs become the saviour of a newborn girl thrown into drain

The Haryana Police has witnessed a horrifying incident where a woman threw a newborn girl into the drain. She was later pulled out by the stray dogs and was admitted to the hospital. Her condition is still serious, and she is fighting between life and death.

Animals are often touted to be the most lovable creatures, and you would have often heard about the story of their bravery and loyalty.

In a recent incident in Haryana, a dog showed his immense bravery and care by pulling out a girl who was thrown wrapped in plastic by a woman in the drain. The stray dogs pulled out the girl and then started barking, which alerted the passers-by about this terrific incident.

The whole incident got recorded in the CCTV camera, and the people were really amazed to see the courage of the stray dogs.

The footage showed that a woman threw a baby girl in the drain after which she started wailing loudly. Hearing this few stray dogs came to that place and pulled her out from the drain. This incident happened around 4 am on Thursday as reported by the Police.

The woman who threw this small baby in the drain has still not identified, and the Police are trying their best to find out about her.

The Police has also filed a case against her who left the baby in such a sinful situation. A police official told that the child had been sent for treatment at the Civil Hospital where she is getting treatment.

According to the doctors, the weight of the baby is very less, and she is in critical condition. This clearly shows that even when humans can become brutal, the animals have got a much bigger heart to show trust, loyalty and love to them.

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