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Honour Killing: Father brutally kills his pregnant daughter for marrying against his will

Honour Killing: Father brutally kills his pregnant daughter for marrying against his will

In Mumbai’s Ghatkopar a fifty-five-year-old man was arrested on Monday for killing his pregnant daughter for marrying against his will to a distant relative.

The incidents of honour killing don’t seem to decline in India. Every other day a horrifying incident takes a toll on the lives of the young couple who only wish to get blessings from their parents, but they are brutally murdered just for showing the courage to marry the person with whom they want to spend the rest of their life.

A new incident in this series occurred in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, where a twenty-year-old pregnant woman was brutally killed by her father for eloping with a distant relative and marrying him.

The body entirely covered in blood was found by Police on Sunday after which a probe was initiated by the Police. The Police were able to find the real suspect, and on the ground of strong evidence, the father was arrested by the Mumbai Police on Monday.

The Police further said that the man was not having a good relationship with his daughter as she married her long-time lover against his will.

The victim who was identified as Meenakshi Chaurasia married Brajesh Chaurasia in February, but her father was extremely angry over this.

This brought a great rift between the daughter and the father as Meenakshi had rejected the grooms twice that her father selected for her. Later, she eloped with Brajesh and married him in Satna.

In the entire incident, the conspiracy was already planned by the father as he called the daughter to his home to give her money to buy clothes.

He intentionally dropped the money when her daughter tried to pick it up and attacked her with a sharp weapon, which ultimately leads to her death. The murderer then fled away from the scene but was traced by the Police and arrested.

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