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Karnataka Crisis Live Updates: DK Shivakumar not allowed to meet dissident legislators in Mumbai

Congress leader Shivakumar camps outside Mumbai Hotel for being blocked by police from meeting the dissident legislators

DK Shivakumar seems to be the last hope for the Congress-Janta Dal coalition government in Karnataka to bring in the rebel MLAs back into the party. But police refrains him from entering the hotel where these MLAs are staying.

The Karnataka coalition seems to bring in a new drama each day, and in the recent reports, senior Congress leader DK Shivakumar was stopped by police from entering the hotel in Mumbai where the rebel lawmakers are staying.

This was done in order to provide protection to these legislators as they had written to the police to safeguard them from him.

The police told the Congress leader while restricting him from going inside the hotel that we can’t allow you to go inside the hotel because of the letter that these legislators have sent to us.

DK Shivakumar, on the other hand, claimed that he had booked a room in this hotel and he wants to chill out, relax and talk with his friends who are inside the hotel.

From the political angle, this seems to be the last chance from Congress to attempt to pacify the rebel MLAs that are staying in a luxury hotel of Mumbai.

Shivakumar has now camped outside the hotel and is deliberately saying that he won’t leave this place without meeting his friends. He further said that their hearts would break if he’ll go as he is in touch with them and both of their heart is beating.

He also showed the confirmation of his booking on his phone. The hotel, however, cancelled his booking stating about an emergency situation.

These thirteen MLAs are staying in the hotel of Mumbai since they resigned from the coalition government on Saturday putting the present government into the danger zone.

Waiting outside the hotel having coffee and momos Shivakumar lashed out at BJP and said that they had made a plan to destabilize the Congress-Janta Dal coalition government in Karnataka.

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