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Man brutally kills lover, buries body with salt and sapling on top

Man brutally kills lover, buries body with salt and sapling on top

On Wednesday, Police found the salt-covered dead body of a woman brutally killed by her lover and two other acquaintances. One of the three accused has been arrested.

Love can be dangerous! If you don’t believe this, then the horrifying incident that occurred in Kerala will bring shivers in your body and will make you believe in this saying.

A 30-year-old woman was brutally murdered by her lover who is suspected to be an Indian Army officer in Delhi.

He first killed the woman and then buried her body with salt. The drudgery didn’t end here. He planted a sapling on the top of the burial place to hide the crime spot.

This numbing heart incident happened in Poovar, which is 40 km away from Thiruvananthapuram. Police found the body of this woman named Rekha Mol near her lover Akhil Nair’s house, who is the prime suspect in this case.

Both Rekha and Akhil got into a relationship a few years ago. But Akhil cheated Rekha and got engaged to another woman as he did not want to continue this relationship.

Rekha, on the other hand, was determined to continuing this relationship and not let him go with any other woman.

The brother of Akhil, Rahul and his friend Adash planned to kill the woman as their love relationship had totally turned out to be sour.

When Rekha was returning from her home to Ernakulam, her boyfriend Akhil and friends accompanied her and tried to warn her to end this relationship.

But when she refused to step back from this relationship, his friends strangulated her in the car while Akhil kept revving the accelerator so that nobody could hear her cries.

Later they buried her dead body in a pit close to Akhil’s house and planted a sapling on top of it.

The entire incident came into light when Rekha’s parents filed a missing complaint of her daughter. The Police are still searching for the other two accomplices in this case.

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