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No commercial flights between India and Pakistan as the latter extends the ban till July 12

No commercial flights between India and Pakistan till July 12

Pakistan shut the airspace to Indian flights on February 26 following the Indian airstrike inside Pakistan; ban extended till July 12.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan announced the extension of the ban imposed on eastern airspace for another fortnight. The ban restricts commercial flights between India and Pakistan until July 12.

The CAA authorities issued route guidelines to pilots who stated that Pakistan’s Airspace for nine eastern routes for flights to and from India would remain shut for another fortnight. However, the two southern ways that Pakistan has opened for Indian flights this April will remain functional. Meanwhile, the CAA authorities did not publicly announce much information regarding this ban. The authorities said that they would review the matter after two weeks.

Why Pakistan imposed a ban on Indian flights?

The ban imposed following the Indian airstrike on February 26 inside Pakistan on a Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camp in Balakot, in retaliation to a suicide bombing that left 44 CRPF jawans to death in Pulwama Kashmir on February 14.

As per reports, the ban was imposed for security reasons. It is reported that Pakistan will remain its eastern routes shut for India till there is a concrete assurance from New Delhi that such incidents will not be repeated in future.

A top CAA official said that the ban imposed by Pakistan Airspace due to security and diplomat reasons for the last four months, flag carriers of both the countries had incurred huge losses.

It has been reported that the Indian Aviation industry has been witnessing massive loss than that of Pakistan. International flights as being forced to take a longer route to avoid invading Pakistan’s territory. The ban has mostly affected flights from Europe to Southern Asia, whereas the flights from Europe and The USA flying in and out from New Delhi have the worst impact.

However, the ban has a noticeable impact on PIA as well. Pakistani passengers are restricted to fly directly to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and other regions of that area. They have to rake connecting flights from the Gulf.

Meanwhile, the Pak AAC authorities have permitted PM Narendra Modi’s aircraft to fly through their airspace as he was about to attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting in Bishkek on June 13 and 14. However, India did not take took their favour.

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