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Pakistan books Hafiz Saeed for terror financing, India hopes it is not a ‘Drama’

Pakistan books Hafiz Saeed for terror financing

Under pressure from Financial Action Task Force, Pakistan government booked Hafiz Saeed and his aides for funding terrorist activities.

Pakistan has been known for nurturing terrorism on its soil since ages. However, on Wednesday, Pakistan government booked 26/11 Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed and others in terror financing cases. The move comes days after the Financial Action Task Force, placed the country on its ‘grey list’ for terrorism financing.

India showed it’s rage over this Pakistan movie and called it a shame move stating that Pakistan has been into such alleged drama earlier too.

Pakistan has confirmed that it has filed 23 cases against the terror mafia Hafiz Saeed and 12 of his aides for using guns to collect funds from LET.

But even after these charges, Hafiz Saeed is moving freely in Pakistan, and this proves that Pakistan is faking it off to prove it’s innocence in the world community as it has the fear that its economy can get blacklisted.

They’re trying to tell the world community that they’re taking action against terrorism, but this is not quite relevant as Pakistan has shown to have taken such steps earlier too which later came out to be just a drama.

Pakistan’s Punjab province Counter-Terrorism Department on Wednesday claimed to register cases of terror financing against JuD chief and others for collection of huge funds for the cause of terrorism financing through the assets that it has made in the names of Non-Profit Organisations including, Dawat ul Irshad Trust Al-Anfaal Trust etc.

But Pakistan continues to give shelter to the terrorists such as Hafiz Saeed’s organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba so such a step shouldn’t be considered helpful in building peace.

It just seems to be an attempt to show the Financial Action Task Force that is the watchdog of terror funding that Pakistan is executing an action plan to fight with terrorism, and it really wants to uproot it from its soil.

We all know how Pakistan has been doing false promises earlier too and this move is nothing more than a solid drama to improve its identity in front of the world community.

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