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Robots replace waiters in this Kerala restaurant, serve food to customers

Robots to serve food at a restaurant in Kannur, Kerala

Are you tired of giving order to the conventional waiters in a restaurant? If yes, then a restaurant in Kerala is gaining the attraction of people through the line of waiters who’re not made of blood and flush but technology.

A new food outlet in Kerala named [email protected] is in great hype due to the waiters that are making the customers go head over heels through their robotic presence.

Wouldn’t it be mind-blowing if the robots will serve you scrumptious biryani and cool beverages? You’re deemed to gush into a hypnotical world when the robots take orders from you and lay off your table in a restaurant. But the good news is that all this is no fantasy but the tale of a real world.

The concept of robot waitress has been introduced in a restaurant of Kerala for the first time. This fashion is already prevalent in foreign countries, and a restaurant like this is already operating in Chennai.

This new venture was born under the leadership of actor Maniyanpilla Raju, who hopes to make it a new experience for the people of Kerala. Maniyanpilla Raju also said that he is planning to expand this concept at other places of India too if this venture becomes successful.

This new trend can totally revolutionize the business sector as in today’s time; it has become difficult to get manpower.

With the increased use of robots like this, the problem of manpower can be totally overcome and will also attract more customers towards your business because this is so unusual in India yet.

This group earlier entered the hospitality industry with a mobile app named Kiwizo food delivery a few months ago. It was decided later to expand this venture, and therefore, they opened this food outlet with a unique concept in Kerala.

In this restaurant, the robots will serve the customers, and a special tracker has been set up to enable them to move freely to each table along a pre-defined track.

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