Soni Razdan on Davinder Singh and Afzal Guru connection: calls it ‘travesty of justice’

Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan tweeted a controversial pro-Afzal guru article on Twitter. She said the death penalty shouldn’t be used lightly as ‘innocent men’ as Afzal Guru suffers at the hands of the serious punishment.

Tuesday morning started with actress Alia Bhatt’s mother, Soni Razdan’s controversial tweet regarding the newly discovered Davinder Singh and Afzal Guru connection. Penning a note on the micro-blogging site, Soni shared an article from The Print that talked about all the atrocities that Afzal Guru had to face because Kashmiri Policemen like Davinder Singh tortured him to death. According to Soni, Afzal Guru, an innocent soul, was brutally tortured by the Kashmir police custodians.

Soni Razdan called it a ‘travesty of justice’, the actress joined the pro-Afzal Guru momentum that started right after the suspension of Davinder Singh, the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) of J&K. The whole new angle to the Afzal-Davinder was drawn out when the 2001 Parliament attack planner Afzal Guru’s letter to his lawyer came out in public. In his letter, he wrote that Davinder Singh and along with other senior officials. Afzal Guru was hung to death in February 2013 for his role in the terror attack.

An outraged Soni Razdan said that the whole episode was a mockery of justice as a man who has hung to death in 2013 was now found innocent. She said that the death penalty shouldn’t be taken so lightly. She raised another point saying that it was yet to be found out that why was Afzal Guru made the scapegoat.

Not many on Twitter agree with Ms Razdan as she’s being bashed with hateful tweets. Read –

The Netizens look quite unhappy with her controversial statement. The fans have been bad-mouthing the veteran actress for being pro-Afzal Guru when the whole nation believes that the culprit was rightly hanged. The Bhatt clan along with Soni have become a soft target for Twitter hate. The fans have been calling her name – Afzal Guru Gang, Afzaliya, Izlamic and anti-national. Some even called her out for being a British citizen but conveniently poking nose in Indian national matters.

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