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Three members of a family found hanging from a ceiling fan in IIT campus Delhi

Delhi mass suicide has taken the Police in shock wherein three members of the same family were found hanging from a ceiling fan. No suicide note was found from the spot.

After the horrifying Burari death case where eleven people of the same family were found hanging in their home in Delhi yet again, a mass death has given shiver to the people. In the recent case Gulshan Das, his wife Sunita and his mother Kamta were found hanging from a ceiling fan in the campus of IIT Delhi.

The Police are suspecting that all the three members committed suicide inside their house located on the campus of IIT Delhi. But this case is getting even more mysterious because no suicide letter has been received from the spot which is making the entire case very complex.

According to the Police officials, they received a call regarding the scuffle that occurred inside the house, and when they arrived at the crime spot, they found the flat locked from inside. The Police, therefore, had to break the door and then enter the house. And the scene over there pointed towards a big incident as all three family members were found hanging with the ceiling fan and no suicide was not there on the crime spot.

The Police further revealed that Gulshan Kumar the head of the family got married to Sunita in February this year. Gulshan was the senior lab assistant in IIT Delhi’s Department of Bio-Chemistry. His widowed mother also used to live with him. Sunita’s mother has already reached Delhi after getting informed about this incident. She told that she was trying to call Sunita all day on Friday, but she didn’t receive her call. The Police will continue the inspection and try to get to the core of this incident to know whether it was a suicide or murder.

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