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Triple Talaq Bill to be introduced in Lok Sabha today

Triple Talaq Bill to be introduced in Lok Sabha today

The Triple Talaq Bill will be tabled in Lok Sabha today, and an important discussion will be held over it for its consideration and passage. All the MPs have been notified to be present in the house.

Triple Talaq Bill which declares talaq in written, spoken, as well as in electronic form to be illegal and void, will again be taken up for consideration today in the Lok Sabha.

According to the new law, anyone who gives talaq to his wife by uttering Talaq thrice is sentenced to jail for three years.

The opposition is opposing the bill stating that it will victimize Muslim women. Most of the opposition parties such as Congress were against the stringent provision like jail term for the husband.

They even contended that this is a domestic issue between the husband and wife and in any such case a penal provision cannot be introduced.

This bill is expected to pass smoothly in the Lok Sabha, but it might face major roadblocks in the Rajya Sabha.

The ruling party BJP has asked it’s lawmakers to be present in the house for voting. But the biggest set back for BJP is that its close ally JDU will oppose the Triple Talaq Bill as they are saying that they have not been consulted and are opposed to certain clauses in the bill.

They are not in agreement with some of the clauses of the bill and are constantly alledging the centre for not consulting them on Triple Talaq Bill.

The opposing parties want the bill to be looked again by the parliamentary committee for further discussion regarding it.

BJP has constantly contended that the bill is important to promote gender equality in society. This bill was also obstructed earlier this year in Rajya Sabha as the government rejected the demand and the bill got completely lapsed.

Let’s see what this bill brings for the fate of the Muslim women after today’s discussion in Lok Sabha.

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