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Yogi Adityanath government declares Azam Khan as ‘Land Mafia’

Yogi Adityanath government declares Azam Khan as the Land mafia

Azam Khan has often been in controversy because of his absurd statements and criminal activities. Recently the district administration of Rampur has put his name on the “anti-land mafia” portal.

Accused with more than two dozen cases Samajwadi party’s MP Azam Khan is facing the most difficult time in his political career.

With dozen of criminal cases registered against him, he was already facing the woes, and now the whole Uttar Pradesh politics has heated up as the district administration of Rampur has put his name as land mafia on “Anti Bhoo Mafia” Portal.

This portal was established to register the complaint of people related to illegal land grabbing. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath had established this portal soon after he came in power.

Almost thirteen cases of land grabbing were registered against him, and the District Magistrate has reviewed reports of all the police stations which relate to the cases of land grabbing by Azam.

After proper scrutiny, his name has been listed on this portal. The Police officials said that nearly thirty cases had been registered against Azam and the majority of these cases are related to land grabbing of poor farmers or the government land. He has been accused of snatching away the land of the farmers illegally for Mohammad Ali Jauhar University.

State Revenue Department has also made a complaint that Azam has misused his position from 2012-2017 as a Cabinet Minister and has grabbed the land of the poor farmers. He has also occupied around 5,000 hectares of a huge chunk of land illegally.

The Magistrate of Rampur District has confirmed that Azam Khan has been named as land mafia. Azam Khan, on the other hand, said that all of this is a conspiracy to defame him and Mohammad Ali Jauhar University.

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