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Zomato, Pune eatery fined Rs 55,000 for serving chicken instead of paneer

Zomato, Pune eatery fined Rs 55,000 for serving chicken instead of paneer

In a rare judgement, app-based food delivery app Zomato has been ordered to pay 55,000 to a customer for wrongly delivering chicken instead of paneer dish.

It’s a threatening alarm for all the leading app-based food delivery services who don’t meet up the expectation of the customers and show recklessness in delivering food.

In the past, we have witnessed many incidents where these delivery services have either sent stale food or food having flies and insects. No action was taken on these matters, but now a new incident has emerged that has shaken these app-based food delivery apps.

In the recent incident, a Nagpur-based lawyer made a complaint against Pune eatery Hotel Preet Punjabi Swad. In the complaint, he said that he ordered butter paneer masala from this restaurant through Zomato, but while he started eating the food he realized that he had been sent chicken instead of the paneer dish that he had ordered.

He further claimed that since the curries of both dishes look alike, he didn’t realize while eating that he had been sent a non-vegetarian dish.

Once he realized that it was chicken, he immediately informed the restaurant, and they promised to replace his order.

Another replacement order was made by Hotel Preet Punjabi Swad as promised to Deshmukh, but this time also he was sent butter chicken instead of paneer butter masala.

He, therefore, filed a complaint against the hotel and Zomato and demanded a compensation of around 5 lakh rupees for harassment.

While the final proceedings were going on in the court, Zomato argued that this was the mistake of the hotel and they were not at fault.

They also said that the restaurant had refunded the amount to Mr Deshmukh, so the complaint was made just to defame the restaurant.

The hotel, on the other hand, admitted their mistake, and the hotel and Zomato were ordered to pay Rs 50,000 for negligence in the service and the additional sum of five thousand for mental harassment that Mr Deshmukh had faced.

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