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Greek Goddess Bella Hadid Photos: The super model wins the title of world’s most beautiful woman

Greek culture is known to be rather bizarre. The golden ratio of beauty phi is another flamboyant concept from the Greeks. It is a physical calculation of Greek scholars that attempts to quantify beauty.

In simple words, it is a calculation that shows how beautiful a person physically is, and Bella Hadid topped the results matching 94% of the calculation. Hence, she became the world’s most beautiful woman, second to Beyonce, followed by other celebrities like Ariana Grande and Scarlett Johansson. Thus, we can consider Bella Hadid, someone similar to a Greek Goddess of Beauty.

Bella Hadid Photos

Bella Hadid is the daughter of a real-estate businessman and a former model with an elder sibling in the modelling industry, Gigi Hadid. She is the royal descendant of Daher Al Omer, a prince of Nazareth. Bella wanted to compete in the 2016 Olympics as a horserider but suffered from chronic Lyme diseases.

Bella Hadid Photos

Hence, she had to put her dreams on hold. She rose to fame as a successful model after moving to New York to pursue photography. Bella has shown interest in the field of acting and also wishes to complete her photography studies.

Bella Hadid Photos

The model has appeared in popular TV shows like Keeping up with Kardashians and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has also acted in a couple of short films like Private and Bella Hadid’s Guide to LA.

Bella Hadid Photos

Bella also featured in music videos like The Weekend’s In The Night. The two have been dating for a couple of years now, with little obstables in relationships. They are still together, a little heart wreck for Bella’s rising fan club.

Bella Hadid Photos

With the latest golden ratio of beauty phi simulator and its results, she is bound to grow popular. Maybe the greek goddess will receive some of the best roles and manage to fulfill her dreams.

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