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Action On MLA Champion : Licence of Weapons Suspended, Show Cause Notice Served

It appears that ‘Achche Din’ for the controversial BJP MLA from Khanpur Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion is not going to last any longer.

Pranav suffered another setback on Saturday when the licenses of his three weapons shown in the viral video were suspended by the state administration.

District Magistrate Deependra Singh Chaudhary said that apart from suspending his license, Champion has been served a show cause notice also to put his stand within 15 days. If he fails to give a satisfactory reply within this period, his weapon licenses will be canceled for good.

Sources said that a recommendation from the police department had been sent to the DM on Friday asking him to cancel the licenses of the three weapons shown in the video.

Acting upon this letter, the licenses were suspended on Saturday with immediate effect. Although, no decision has yet been made on the licensed weapons issued in the name of his wife and son.

Recently, a video of the BJP MLA had gone viral in social media wherein he is seen brandishing weapons in his hands and making derogatory remarks about Uttarakhand.

Since then he is on the target of the people of this state. Protests and demonstrations against him are being organized at different places and his effigies are being burnt.

Police became active after the video going viral. In police records, only three weapons have been issued in the name of Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion that includes two revolvers and one rifle.

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