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BJP tops the list in receiving a donation of over 900 crores between 2016-2018

PM Modi in Varanasi

A recent report was released by the Association for Democratic Reforms which stated that has BJP topped the list in receiving the maximum donation by corporate parties during 2016-18.

The period between 2016 and 2018 can be called as the golden period for BJP as it has received donations of around 900 crores from more than fifteen thousand corporate houses as per the report of Association for Democratic Reforms.

This donation amount is 16 times more than what Congress party has received in the same period of time.
This report was made by the Association for Democratic Reforms considering the donations that were made by the corporate houses in 2016-18 to national political parties.

Between this period the corporates have donated around 985.18 crores. Out of this huge amount of donation, 93 percent of the amount went to political parties from known sources. This report took into account the six major national political parties BJP, Congress, NCP, CPI, and All India Trinamool Congress.

BJP received the maximum donation amount of Rs 915.596 crore among all the six national parties from 1,731 corporate donors. Congress, on the other hand, received only 55.36 crores from 151 corporate donors.

The least amount was donated to the Nationalist Congress Party. It received only 7.737 crores from 23 corporate donors in the year 2016-18. Ninety-four percent of voluntary contribution was made to BJP and 81 percent to Congress.

The report also gave an insight that the donation received by the national parties from the corporate houses have spiked to around 160 percent between 2004-05 and 2011-12. This figure has also increased from 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Between the year 2012-2013 and 2017-18 national parties received a corporate donation with a whopping 414 percent increase. There was, however, a drop in the corporate donation percentage in 2015-16.

The reports also revealed that CPI had received the lowest percentage of corporate donation that is merely 2 percent.

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