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Karnataka Political Crisis: Speaker To Take Decision On Rebel MLAs By Tomorrow

Karnataka Political Crisis: Speaker To Take Decision On Rebel MLAs By Tomorrow

Sixteen legislators of the JDS- Congress coalition and two independent legislatures have resigned till now. The Supreme Court on Tuesday is hearing the petition of 15 dissident MLAs. 

The crises which are happening in the Karnataka government has taken a new turn today. The Supreme Court is hearing the petition of 15 dissident MLAs of Congress-Janta Dal secular coalition. They have come together and have petitioned against the speaker for not accepting their resignation.

The speaker has told the Supreme Court that he will decide in resignation by tomorrow. The court on Thursday asked the speaker to decide on the resignation by Wednesday night.

However, two days before the scheduled date, 15 dissident MLAs petitioned against the speaker. Till now sixteen legislators of the JDS-Congress coalition and two independent lawmakers have resigned.

If these resignations get accepted, the coalition of the 118 members will drop down to 100.  The majority mark will drop to 105 from 113. The BJP has 105 members and with the support of the two independents, they can take their tally to 107.

On Thursday, KR Ramesh Kumar, the Speaker, had told the court that he would need time to read and examine the resignation letters. He wants to make sure whether the resignation coerced, or was they given voluntarily. The speaker has also mentioned that many of the rebels have already faced disqualification from their parties.

The court last week had asked the speaker to decide by Wednesday night and had raised a question of whether the speaker has the power to challenge the court’s order.

The coalition will take a floor test on Thursday. This is a last attempt to stop the coalition from teetering away. The coalition of Congress-Janta Dal came into power last May after an election where none of the parties had a clear majority.

DK Shivakumar the congress troubleshooter and other leaders are reaching out to the rebels. The coalition had seen a short-lived victory on Friday after the Congress leader Siddaramaiah and Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy had coaxed them.

MTB Nagraj the rebel lawmaker had given a hint where he said that he is open to coming back but on one condition that Sudhakar Rao, his fellow rebel withdrew his recognition. But Mr Nagraj, the next day, flew to Mumbai and joined the other rebel lawmakers.

If all the resignations are accepted, the BJP will have a clear majority. They have stated that the coalition government should resign now as they have lost their moral authority to rule.

The JDS and Congress have accused BJP of crafting the crisis and seize power in Karnataka, just a year later after BJP fell short of a majority in state polls.

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