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PM Modi breaks the internet with cryptic tweet about leaving social media

Prime Minister Narendra Modi releases results of All India Tiger Estimation 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to inform his followers about his decision of quitting social media by deleting his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

On Monday evening Prime Minister Narendra Modi left his fans wondering and how when he shared a rather cryptic message on his social media accounts. The leading political leader tweeted, ‘This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Will keep you all posted.’

The message has shaken the internet as he is the only Indian PM till date who has never organized a press conference ever since his oath-taking ceremony in 2014.

The tweet has naturally attracted a lot of flak, criticism and bewildered reactions from his followers. It has been retweeted over 60K times and liked 91.4K. The single tweet has attracted all kinds of comments from 59.9K people from all over the world. Even opposing party leader Rahul Gandhi shared a screenshot of his Instagram post on Twitter with a strong message. He said, ‘Give up hatred, not social media accounts.’ Besides, there were those who mocked at the current PMO and some others who seemed quite unhappy and heartbroken with his decision.

PM Modi had once shared that he is ‘different’ kind of leader who would want to communicate with his followers directly instead of using media as his mouthpiece. Given his claims, PM Narendra Modi became one of the most popular and followed political figure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter. Currently, his followers’ count stands at 53.3 million on Twitter, 44 million on Facebook, 35.2 million on Instagram and 4.51 million subscribers on YouTube. On Twitter, PMO is only second to two US Presidents, Donald Trump and Bark Obama with a slight difference.

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PM Narendra Modi was bashed for not sharing his concern over the heart-breaking violent attacks in Delhi. He was even accused of following goons, unethical journalists and party members with police charges against them. He is often trolled and hated for CAA law that has shaken the nation to a large extent. Some are even under doubt that probably PMO’s accounts were hacked by some notorious men who’re trolling the nation. What are your thoughts?

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