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SC To Speaker: Decide on Resignations First Before Going To Trust Vote

Putting the onus on the speaker of the Karnataka assembly, the Supreme Court on Wednesday directed K.R. Ramesh Kumar to decide on the resignations of the rebel MLAs ahead of going for a trust vote on the floor of the house.

The Apex Court, however, has not set any time frame for the speaker to decide on the fate of the rebel MLAs, i.e. whether to accept their resignations or to disqualify them on legal grounds.

The court said, the balance of the Constitution must be maintained. Supreme Court also allowed the rebel MLAs to skip the trust vote.

The Apex Court’s verdict has brought a big relief to the 15 rebel MLAs of Congress and the JDS. After the court’s ruling, the whip, issued by the Congress-JDS combine to its members to attend the floor test, will not be applicable to them.

Welcoming the verdict, speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar has said that he will do all efforts to uphold the sanctity of the constitution and will try his best to live up to the expectations of the Supreme Court.

BJP too has welcomed the Apex Court’s verdict claiming it their moral victory. While BJP is confident of a win in the trust vote, Congress too has counterclaimed that the coalition govt. is safe and it will emerge victorious in the floor test.

The H.D. Kumaraswami led JDS-Congress coalition govt. has to pass through a floor test on July 18 at 11 A.M. B.S. Yeddyurappa, the leader of the main opposition party BJP in the assembly, has said that his party is confident of defeating the trust vote and will form the next govt.

In the state. He said Kumaraswami will not be able to continue as chief minister. He will quit after making a good speech in the assembly. This must be noted that Yeddyurappa too had to quit in similar circumstances early last year.

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