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The Karnataka political drama takes a new turn, Speaker asked us to go to hell, rebel MLAs to Supreme Court

Speaker asked us to go to hell, rebel MLAs to Supreme Court

There has been a lot of drama taking place in the Karnataka political stature as the rebel MLAs have been into the flashlight for bringing new twists and turns each day through their impulsive decision. Speaker Ramesh met them on Thursday. The MLAs are accusing him of asking them to “go to hell”

The rebel Karnataka MLAs who have brought a turmoil in the state through their resignation claimed in the Supreme court that the speaker of Karnataka assembly KR Ramesh Kumar asked them to “go to hell” in a meeting which held on Thursday.

This claim was made by the rebel ministers in a hearing in the Supreme court that was called to tackle the political crisis in Karnataka.

The HD Kumaraswamy led government is about to collapse as more than dozens of MLAs have resigned, lowering the strength of the coalition government in the House. The speaker of the Karnataka assembly is yet to accept their resignation.

During the recent hearing in the Supreme Court, the speaker of the Karnataka assembly Ramesh put forward a round of arguments as to why he has not taken any action on the resignation of the MLAs. He even said that these MLAs had not submitted their resignation in a proper format and many disqualifications are restricting him from acting upon the resignation of the MLAs.

When rebel MLAs approached the Supreme Court, it ordered Ramesh to meet the MLAs who have resigned and take a decision on their resignations.

The rebel MLAs, on the other hand, said that when they met the speaker on Thursday evening, he talked with them rudely, questioning their move to approach the Supreme Court and asked them to “go to hell”.

During the hearing today, Speaker Ramesh put his points on why he has not taken any decision on the resignations. Ramesh claimed that the resignations were not submitted in a proper format. He also said that there are disqualification proceedings pending against the MLAs.

Supreme court meanwhile has ordered a status report on the whole crisis that has emerged in Karnataka. The court has asked the speaker not to take any action on the disqualification of the rebel MLAs or their resignation until Tuesday.

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