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ICC World Cup 2019: Dhoni using different bat logos as a goodwill gesture

Dhoni using different bat logos as a goodwill gesture

ICC World Cup 2019: In the last couple of matches, Dhoni has used different bat logos. This looks a superstitious move. Read on to know the details.

We all have a belief in something or the other. Indian cricket team wicketkeeper and former captain MS Dhoni also seems superstitious too. You may have noticed that he is using the logo of different sponsors on his bat in the ongoing world cup.

The most shocking thing in the whole affair is that he has not charged any amount from the different companies for using their logo on his bat.

MS Dhoni has always been known to give surprises to the people through his unusual decision. This time he is giving some clues.

In the last couple of matches against Bangladesh and England, Dhoni came to crease with SG logo in his bat. However, he switches to BAS logo bat when power hitting was required.

The friends close to this Ranchi based stumper said that Dhoni is currently facing criticism for his bad performance. So he has decided to play with the Dhoni is playing with different company logos as a goodwill gesture.

Few sources even confirmed that he is not charging any amount of money for playing with the logo of different companies on his bat. He seems to be in the need of luck to improve his performance, and he’s considering the change in the logo as experimentation.

Dhoni usually charges around ten to fifteen lakh per match to play with a particular logo. Let’s see how much difference this decision brings in his performance.

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