Ruturaj Gaikwad Disrespecting Ground staff: Cricket fans get angry over viral video

Ruturaj Gaikwad Viral Video

Ruturaj Dashrat Gaikwad who is known as Rutura Gaikwad is a player of  Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the 2022 cricket match and have been suffered for a covid 2 times.

There was a match going on and Indian opener Ruturaj Gaikwad was chastised by fans in Bengaluru for being extremely rude to a groundsman.

Fans became enraged after seeing a video in which Gaikwad refused a photo with a groundsman at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium during South Africa’s tour of India.

The incident was reported when the two batters were stranded in the dugout just after the match was delayed due to bad weather.

When rain interrupted the beginning of the match, Ruturaj Gaikwad and his teammate opener Ishan Kishan made the decision to spend a little time in the dugout after South Africa won the toss.

When a groundsman tried to take selfie with Ruturaj

A groundsman tried to approach Gaikwad and sat next to him in the rain break for a selfie. The groundsman wanted to click a picture with the cricketer and sat with him without asking and Ruturaj Dashrat Gaikwad denied taking a selfie.

He pushed him to the side a little fae away from him. After sitting a little far, the groundsman again asked for a selfie but the cricket refuses to take a selfie and turned his face to the opposite side and asked the groundsman to go away.

His behavior with the groundsman was recorded on the camera and is spread on all the social media and is not liked by the fans. His fans take a stand for the groundsman on social media.

Some were very much frustrated and some were in favor of his behavior. His disrespected behavior has really made the fan feel bad and is being criticized on social media.

Cricket Fans react on Ruturaj Gaikwad’s behaviour

  • Very bad and disrespectful gesture by Ruturaj Gaikwad. Sad to see these groundsmen getting treated like this
  • He just mentioned maintaining social distance as he has already got covid positive 2 times you can see his gesture
  • Attitudes change once you become a celebrity and money starts flowing! There are only a few people who remain the same despite their fame and status
  • Ruturaj has to learn from legends. how to deal with ground staff or whomsoever… Needs to show maturity. Behaving with ease with all people is the crux of a great man.

Ruturaj struggled in the India-South Africa series. He only scored 96 runs in five matches and has underperformed and failed to impress selectors ahead of the ICC World Cup 2022. Gaikwad scored 10 runs off 12 deliveries today before retiring.

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