What is Arshdeep Singh Wikipedia Controversy? Indian Government summoned Website’s Top Officials

Arshdeep Singh Wikipedia Controversy

India’s talented, young fast bowler Arshdeep Singh has been facing criticism and targeted by trolls after he dropped a catch in a crucial moment in India Vs Pakistan Match of Asia Cup 2022 on Sunday, September 4, 2022.

The thrilling match made the viewers present in the stadium bite their nails until the very last moment. However, Pakistan won the match in the end by defeating the Indian team with 5 wickets after chasing down a big target of 182 runs in the final over.

But, it seems this defeat of the team India as a whole, is now only targeting the young bowler Arshdeep, who recently made his International debut for the Indian Cricket Team in July 2022 and opened his T-20 International career against England.

The hate mongers stooped to a new low that after India’s defeat they edited Arshdeep’s Wikipedia page showing his fake links with Sikh extremists’ separatist “Khalistan” Movement. An unregistered user vandalized his page and replaced the word “India” with “Khalistan” at several places in his profile.

Indian Government Summons Wikipedia Officials 

Seeing the situation becoming so bad, the Government of India took cognisance of this matter and decided to quiz executives from Wikipedia. The Ministry of Electronics and IT on Monday, September 5, 2022, summoned the top officials from the websites in order to seek explanation on how fake information was placed on the cricketer’s page.

The Government of India believes that such malicious disinformation could disturb the communal harmony and can also lead to a law and order situation for Arshdeep’s family. Meanwhile, the Minister of State for IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar criticized the changes made for the page on twitter.

The Pakistani Link Behind the “Khalistan” Twitter Trend 

Ever since the match has been ended, #Khalistan is continuously trending on social media and one can easily see that some fake accounts are running this hashtag to disturb the harmony between the people here.

Meanwhile, it is also being said that there is an IP address from Pakistan behind editing of Arshdeep’s Wikipedia page. As per a verified twitter handle Anshul Saxena, Arshdeep’s Wikipedia page has been edited and deliberately “Khalistan” is added.

On his other tweet he called it a Pakistani propaganda and its information warfare against India.


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