Why Microsoft to retire Internet Explorer after 27 years?

Microsoft says Goodbye to Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s oldest internet explorer will be completely phased out from June 15. Microsoft has announced the retirement of its browser. The browser came into existence in 1995 and served for about 27 years. The desktop app came as an add-on for Windows 95. 

For individuals born in the 90’s, Internet Explorer was the gateway to the internet, in an age when Microsoft ruled the computing world, before Google, instagram, and facebook and when the browser had to be installed on computers via CD-rom. 

Popularity started to decline

The browser was unpaid and saw its big leap in the year 2003 before becoming the most disfavored app for browsing the internet. Later the  users started complaining about the browsers slow processing and the fame started to fade because of the more appealing options available. 

Internet Explorer 11 was the last version

The company last upgraded the Internet explorer in 2016. No upgrades came after that year. Internet Explorer’s last version was last upgraded in 2013. 

The company plans to move on

The users will be routed to Microsoft Edge, another browser of Microsoft that was introduced in 2015. According to the company’s statement, “Not only is Microsoft Edge a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it is also able to address a key concern: compatibility for older, legacy websites and applications”

The users reaction

The users have taken it to twitter after Microsoft’s official announcement about Internet Explorer’s retirement. A posted, “I haven’t used IE in a decades but it was the browser I had used for the majority if my childhood.Whether you loved or hated Internet Explorer, it’ll be the end if an era” Where the other one shared, “Say goodbye to the ever great Internet Explorer this June.” with an image in which Internet Explorer is buried.

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