Wordle 361 Answer for June 15: Check Hint, Clues & Solutions

Wordle 361

Created and developed by Welsh Software engineer Josh Wardle, Wordle is a web-based world-game that is owned and published by The New York Times Company since 2022. Although Wardle created this game for himself and his partner, Palak Shah to play, eventually made it public in October 2021.

It went viral during the lockdown and became an iconic sensation in a short period of time. The most remarkable thing about this game is that unlike other data and money hungry games, it is not for download via App Store or the Play Store. The player can access this game only through mobile and desktop browsers and there is no advertisement to bother you.

How to Play?

There is no rocket science in playing this game as it is a simple word-guessing game. You can play it from your mobile, computer or laptop. Once you are on the website, you will see a grid of six 5-letter blocks, and you need to guess the correct 5-letter word in six tries.

After each guess, each letter is marked as either green, yellow or grey. Green indicates that the letter is correct as well as is in correct position, yellow indicates that the answer is right but the position of the letter is wrong while grey indicates that the word is not in the answer at all.

Not Addictive 

The best thing about this game is it discourages addiction as you can only play it once daily unlike other word games that make you stay hooked on them for hours.

Wordle 361 Hint & Answer

The hint for today’s wordle is that it starts with P, consists of 2 vowels and ends with O. Well, the correct answer is PRIMO, which is not a word that is used regularly. It means the leading or upper part in a duet. Also, it means something that is of top quality and importance.

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