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Arti Singh reveals details about rape attempt at 13: Kashmera & Krushna furious

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh revealed the shocking truth behind her panic attack in the BB 13 house. She said she faced a rape attempt at a mere age of 13 and that too in her own house.

As a part of ‘Chhapaak’ promotions, Deepika Padukone and acid attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal made their way into the Bigg Boss 13 house. The contestants were naturally star-struck when they saw the powerful ladies in the house.

As a part of the task by Deepika and Laxmi, the contestants had to reveal some bitter-sweet experiences that changed them forever. Out of everyone else, it was Arti Singh’s revelation that shocked the insiders and outside public too.

Arti Singh, in a shaky voice, narrated the gruesome incident of a rape attempt on er when she was only 13. She said that their servant tried to force himself on her while she was lying her bedroom in Lucknow. She somehow managed to push him and jump out from the window but the incident plagued her forever. Since then Arti Singh has suffered panic attacks that also sucked her into depression at one point of time in life. Arti said people would judge her depression as the result of a break-up but the truth now stands revealed.

Now, the brilliant actress is in a happy place since the last 6-7 years because of her mother and brother who pulled her out of the misery. Arti Singh’s brother Krushna Abhishek and sister-in-law and actress Kashmera Shah reacted to the story as they said they had never known about the rape attempt. Kashmera said she was deeply hurt and concerned about Arti who had been facing the trauma all by herself all this while. ‘I want to kill him. I am devastated’ Kashmera added.

Arti Singh had shared an apartment with Kashmera and Krushna for five years when she first arrived in Mumbai. Kashmera also said that she used to strict with Aeti as they were trying to prepare her for the cruel world of the city of dreams. “We will see if we can take the person to the court or know a way to deal with him and get her justice,” she said.

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