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Rashami Desai tears up as Arhaan Khan hurt her with derogatory remarks

Rashami Desai doesn’t want to continue the relationship as she is hurt by Arhaan’s remarks. She tears up as she says that ‘Tumne muje nahi banaya hai..’

Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan love story is the talk of the town. The two have been constantly hitting headlines since Salman Khan revealed Arhaan’s truth to Rashami Desai in the ‘Weekend Ka Var’ episode. Salman lashed out on Arhaan Khan for hiding the truth about his ex-wife and son from girlfriend Rashami Desai who seemend deeply in love with him. Since the day. Rashami and Arhaan relationship has hit a road block.

The latest promo shows Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan envolved in a deep conversation which eventually turns emotional. Rashami bashes Arhaan for his remarks – ‘Rashami toh sadak par aa gayi thi…maine banaya usse’. She says she is uncomfortable with his words and begins crying. Arhaan looks agitated as Rashami condemns his act. Rashami looks vulnerable and teary as she looks for some solace out of boyfriend Arhaan, who on the other hand seems least bothered.

Last week Arhaan Khan told Shefali Bagga that Rashami had gone bankcrupt and it was he who lifted her up from the ashes. The comment didn’t go down with Rashami’s brother Gaurav Desai who entered the Bigg Boss house later that week.

He told Rashami to rethink about her life with Arhaan Khan and their future together. Salman again lashed out on Arhaan for talking and especially lying about Rashami’s financial status. He announced that Rashami owns 5 houses in Mumbai out of which 2 are rented out. The fact completely eradicates the possibility of Rashami’s bankcrupcy.

The Rashami-Arhaan fans are quite disturbed with Arhaan’s lies and fabricated truth from the previous episodes. Even host Salman Khan has been quite vocal about his disliking towards Arhaan as Rashami is quite close to him. Salman even entered the Bigg Boss house last week to console Rashami after he revealed Arhaan’s truth. It seems Rashami and Arhaan are heading towards a break up.

What are your thoughts about the latest developments in the Rashami-Arhaan love story?

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