Bigg Boss 13 Episode Update: Sidharth Shukla & Asim Riaz get into a physical fight

Latika Ahuja
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Last night episode of Bigg Boss 13 saw friends, Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz come to blows during the ‘Shehnaz Ka Swayamvar’ task. Things took an ugly turn when Asim called Sidharth a ‘loser’.

The environment in Bigg Boss 13 house seems to get uglier with every passing day. As the show inches closer to its finale, the contestants are losing their calm and lashing out on each other. At the 19 November episode of Bigg Boss 13, the contestants were asked to perform a task ‘Shehnaz Ka Swayamwar’ where the bachelors of the house were supposed to impress Shehnaz by following her orders and fulfilling her commands.

The task turns into an ugly spat when Sidharth goes to the kitchen to pick oranges for Shehnaz while Asim forces to serve her apples. Sidharth and Asim get into a heated argument over oranges and apples which later turns into a physical fight. Sidharth being his aggressive self lashes out on Asim who, in return pushes Sidharth away. Things take a downfall when the two of them hit, push and abuse each other while other contestants rush to stop the two.

The prime reason of Asim’s distasteful behaviour being his obvious disliking for Shehnaz. When Sidharth tried to boss him around in the kitchen for task related to Shehnaz, he couldn’t help but get bitter. Sidharth also seemed shocked as he claimed that Asim never did anything without asking him until now.

Color TV also shared the glimpse of the episode in an IGTV video a day this morning.

Despite being the most popular contestant on the show is often called out for his aggressive nature and behaviour with women. However, Sidharth still continues to be the audience’s most-favourite contestant in the BB13 house. Ex Roadie Paras Chhabra seems to be the second most-loved character after Siddharth Shukla due to his fantastic personality and status-quo with women of the house.

Just last weekend, Sidharth and Asim were seen hugging it out during Salman’s ‘Weekend Ka Waar’ episode. Does this fight mean the end of the newly built friendship?

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