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Sidharth shukla is all good, back in the Bigg Boss 13 house

The latest BB13 promo shows Sidharth Shukla making a re-entry in the house. Shehnaz Gill jumps in excitement and Rashami doesn’t look happy.

The Bigg Boss 13 house will light up in tonight’s episode as Sidharth Shukla will make a comeback. The Balika Vadhu star had been transferred to the ‘Secret Room’ owning to his deteriorating health due to typhoid. The actor was later shifted to a hospital for speedy recovery. Host Salman khan video called Sidharth at the hospital where he looked healthy and happy.

Shukla fans can now rejoice as the entertainer will be returning to the BB13 house in tonight’s episode. As per the promo shared by Colors TV on social media, Sid’s best friend Shehnaz Gill will be called to the Confession Room to escort Sidharth back inside the house. Shehnaz will be seen tearing up and hugging as her friend returns to the house. Shehnaz had felt lonely and isolated as everyone had ignored her when Sidharth left the house.

Sidharth will be greeted and welcomed back with a warm heart but Rashami’s annoyance can be seen from afar. Shehnaz talks about how even Asim had missed Sidharth, who by the way is very cordial on Sidharth re-entry. Shehnaz told his tat Asim even sang the ‘Yaaron..dosti’ song for Sidharth when he was long gone. However, Asim’s ‘warm welcome’ for Sidharth seemed like a show given the bad blood they have shared in the past. Later on, Asim is seen talking slowly to Rashami about how unhappy he was to have Sidarth back in the house.

Sidharth’s re-entry will change the atmosphere of the house. Only time will tell if the environment will improve or become even more tensed inside the BB13 house. If not the inmates, the Sidarth fans ouside can’t wait to see their favorite contestant make a re-entry. The comments section is filled with best wishes and congratulatory messages like ‘Can’t wait for the episode❤️❤️❤️❤️’, ‘Look at Rashmi and Arhan..abhi to game suru hui h bacha log…Sid is back…’ and ‘Ab ayega mjaa game me Sid AA gya vapis’.

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