Watch Video: Shukla harrassed Sana, people get angry over Bigg Boss

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The Bigg Boss 13 contestant Sidharth Shukla got into a physical fight with Shehnaz Gill in last night’s episode of the show. The TV celebs Mini Mathur and Shruti Seth lashed out on Twitter against Sidharth Shukla.

The ‘Balika Vadhu’ actor Sidharth Shukla has been unofficially announced as the winner of Bigg Boss 13. His fans have been actively talking about his chivalry, courage, enthusiasm and overall performance in the BB 13 house. But, Sidharth’s real anger issues and physical with not one but many contestants also arises the question – whether he deserves to the winner of BB 13 or not?

Last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 last one of the nastiest fights amongst ex-best friends Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill. As seen on the show, Sidharth had been teasing Sana of being jealous as when he got too close with Mahira. Sid continued to trouble Sana, who by the end of the day, had completely lost her cool.

Sana sobbed, shouted, yelled and even abused Sidharth because he won’t let her be. Sana also threw a ‘chappal’ at Sidharth when he didn’t stop poking her. The incident happened in teh garden area in the presence of Arti Singh and Mahira Sharma.

The tiny bit argument escalated quickly when Sid and Sana were seen talking quietly in the bedroom. As Sidharth questioned Sana about her anger, she lashed out and slapped and hit Sidharth. In a moment of rage, Sana also went on throw away the photo frame lying on bedside. Sana was later seen slapping herself in anger as she accused Sidharth of bringing her bad name. Fellow contestants Madhurima, Shefali, Asim and Arti Singh try to console her but Sana seemed to have lost her cool completely.

The same didn’t go down well with Sidharth who later reacted in an even brutal manner. Sidharth twisted Sana’s arm as she lay on the garden floor. He continued twisting her and didn’t remove his leg from her stomach even though the poor girl was seen crying in agony and pain.

TV stars Shruti Seth and Mini Mathur were furious after watching the episode. They took to the micro-blogging site to call out Sidharth for his violent behavior and lack of chivalry.

Shehnaz Gill fans too tweeted against Sidharth’s aggressive behavior. As #RoarLikeSana trended on Twitter, here are some angry fan tweets against Sidharth Shukla and in support of Sherni Sana.

The #SidNaaz fans are outraged at Sidharth’s behavior as they refuse to root for the couple going further. Some fan hearts have definitely been broken. Who do you think is wrong from last night’s episode? Sid or Sana?

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