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Joshimath: 4 Year Girl dies of Snakebite

In a tragic incident in Joshimath, a four-year-old girl died of a snake bite on Friday. After the incident, the child was immediately taken to the nearby hospital for treatment but couldn’t be saved.

As per reports, a four-year-old child Manavi was playing in the courtyard of her house in Joshimath of Chamoli district when a venomous snake suddenly came out from somewhere and bit her. After the snake bite, Manavi fell unconscious and lay on the floor. As the news spread, villagers immediately rushed to the spot and took her to the nearby Community Health Center for treatment. But the doctors at the CHC did not admit her and referred her to the higher center. While being taken to the higher center, she breathed her last on the way.

The villagers have accused the CHC management of Joshimath of indulging in negligence and not giving her treatment on time. They also blame the officials of the CHC misbehaved with the kins of the deceased. This is to be noted that one more girl child had become a victim of the snake bite last year in the same area.

Forest Officer Dhiresh Chandra Bisht said that a compensation of Rs. 3 lacs is given to the victims of snakebite in case of death. The kins of Manavi too will be compensated after the completion of formalities.

In villages adjacent to the forests, cases of snakebite are very common. In most of the cases, people die due to lack of ignorance. All snakes are not venomous. Despite this fact, a snake bite victim may die due to fear psychosis as psychology plays an important role in the human body.

The treatment of snakebite lies in the venom of the snake itself. An antivenom serum is prepared by the venom of snakes. This is supposed to be a costly medicine and its preservation requires precautions.
Health centers in villages generally don’t have adequate facilities for the treatment of snakebite victims.

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