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Security Withdrawal Case ; Champion Got No Relief From HC, Division Bench Refuses To Hear Plea

The expelled BJP MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion got no relief from the High Court on Thursday in his security withdrawal and cancellation of arms license case.

A division bench of the High Court comprising Justice Alok Singh and Justice Ravindra Maithani refused to hear his plea and redirected the case to the Chief Justice as the matter came up before them for a hearing.

The Ex-BJP MLA Pranav Champion has filed a petition in the High Court against the government’s decision to withdraw his security and cancel the license of his arms appearing in the video that had gone viral. Champion has stated in his plea that he was accorded Y-Plus category security by the central government 25 years ago and since then he and his family members had been under this protection cover. But the govt. has suddenly withdrawn his security cover without giving any reason.

He has argued in his petition that following withdrawal of his Y-Plus security and the cancellation of his arms licenses he and his family members have been left open to the dangers on their lives. He has further said that he comes from a family renowned for the last 250 years and his security has been withdrawn without assigning any reason.

On Thursday, the Justices of the division bench redirected the case to the Chief Justice of the High Court marking “Not Before” on it so that he may allocate this case to some other bench for a hearing. This must be noted that a video of MLA Pranav Champion had gone viral on social media on 10th July of this month wherein he was seen dancing with weapons brandishing in his hands and making objectionable comments about Uttarakhand and its residents.

Coming into action, the Uttarakhand BJP issued a show-cause notice to the party MLA on 11 July and a recommendation was also sent to the party headquarter at Delhi asking them to expel him from the party. On 14 July, his licenses for the arms seen in the video were suspended and just a couple of days later he was finally expelled from the party for six years. Now, this case may be allotted to some other judge for hearing and this may take time.

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