Who is this Mexican-American Lady in Viral Video, Assaulting 4 Indian Women? Arrested

In a shocking video which has now gone viral on social media worldwide, a Mexican-American Esmeralda Armendarez Upton a.k.a. Esmi Upton can be seen assaulting as well as using racial slurs towards a group of 4 Indian-American women in Plano, Texas, the United States.

 The video went viral and sent shock waves among the Indian-American community across the United States. The incident took place in Plano, a Dallas suburb with a significant Indian population.

 What is the Entire Matter?

The incident occurred  in the evening on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 when four Indian women identified as Bidisha Rudra, Rani Banerjee, Sabori Saha and Anamika Chatterjee were coming out of a Sixty Vines Restaurant in Plano, Texas after having dinner and spending a nice evening together.

As they were heading towards their cars in a largely empty parking lot, suddenly Esmi Upton who was coming out from the same restaurant started yelling at them and coming towards them uninvited. In the video we can see Upton verbally abusing the women and launching into a racist rant saying “We don’t want here, Go back to India”.

Not only that she used many racial slurs for Indians and Indian American living in the United States. When asked about why she came to walk up to them uninvited she rages that She hates Indians, that’s why.

In the entire five and half minute videos she was abusing Indians, continuously using racist remarks. Upton in her racist rant said  that Indians are everywhere  and if life is so great in India, why are they all here.

She crossed all limits when she assaulted one of the women who was making the video of the entire incident. Esmi Upton threatened to take gun out of her bag and shoot at the women.

The Plano Police Arrested Esmi Upton

The Plano Police detectives arrested the abusive Mexican-American woman on Thursday, August 25, 2022. They, in an official statement, said that they had arrested Upton 58, of Plano and she is charged with misdemeanor assault and terroristic threat charges. She remained in the City jail on Thursday and was held on a total amount of $10,000.

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