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Bimbisara and Sita Ramam Box Office Collection Day 22: Box Office Winners!

Sita Ramam and Bimbisara Box Office Collection Day 22

Bimbisara and Sita Ramam’s arrival breaks the two months box office drought of the TFI, both these film has been considered commercially successful films. And even after three weeks’ run, it continues to rake in the moolah.

As per the trade reports, both the flicks have made 39 crore profits collectively and have grossed over Rs 130 crores globally, in the three-week run. Both flicks opened with positive reviews from the critics and audience alike.

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Box Office Report (3 weeks)

Bimbisara opened with flying colors at the box office while Sita Ramam gained momentum over the weekend due to word of mouth. Kalyan Ram’s starrer completed the breakeven in the first weekend itself, on the other, it took 6 days for Sita Ramam to complete the break even.

Bimbisara Break Even: Rs 16.20 crores (completed in three days)
Profits: Rs 20.42 Cr (in 3-week run)
Total BOC WW: Rs 62 Cr+ (3 weeks)

Sita Ramam Break Even: Rs 17 crores (completed in six days)
Profits: Rs 17.76 Cr (in 3-week run)
Total BOC WW: Rs 70 Cr+ (3 weeks)

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Box Office Collection Day 22

Both the south outings are nearing their ending run in theatres, they reaped huge profits, Sita Ramam will end its run with Rs 75-80 Cr gross and Bimbisara is expected to wrap up under Rs 70 Cr gross lifetime at the box office worldwide. Going by the trends, both films will stay steady on the lower side in the coming days. On Fri both the flicks witnessed growth, with around 85 L more added to the cash registers of Sita Ramam and over 55L to Bimbisara.

The success of both films speaks that if the content is there then the same-day release movies can reap the profits for buyers. And what could be the best example than the current scenario in TFI where all three films Bimbisara, Sita Ramam, and Karthikeya 2 are doing stupendous business at the box office.

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